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Did you know your skin is the largest detox organ? That's why sweating is so dang important, but we've been conditioned to stop it instead of embrace it. 

Now no one is saying you need to be sweating buckets on a daily basis, there is balance to sweating. I personally suffered for years with hypohydrosis which is a condition where you sweat WAY more than the average person - even when it's cold out. I would sweat through SWEAT SHIRTS it was so embarrassing. Whenever I went to a doctor they either gave me all these prescription deodorants (that burned like hell btw) or last case scenario: BOTOX. 

When I first started switching our my deodorant to a non-toxic version, I already accepted that I will have to deal with being a sweaty beast for the rest of my life. 

but the story doesn't stop there, it has a happy ending, I promise. 

There are a lot of reasons to swap your deodorant and here are just some:

CANCER: there have been more and more studies recently seeing the correlation between breast cancer and aluminum, which is an active ingredient in deodorant. Think about it this way, the armpit is so close to breast tissue, these toxins build up in the lymph nodes close to the breast and can become overwhelmed with toxins and cause cancer. 

Aluminum has other links too including DNA damage which can lead to the formation of cancer. 

FRAGRANCE: Fragrance is defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that gives each product its distinct scent. So whenever I see "fragrance/parfum" on any product, I always put it back. 

fragrance is a little complicated though because you can see "natural fragrance" on the back it can sometimes mean essential oils but its always good to check with the brand, some brands genuinely wont disclose especially if they are a smaller brand and don't want people stealing their scents. Then it's up to you to choose whether or not to buy them! 

The last reason I wanted to switch was because since our largest sweating organ is our skin but I'm here trying to prevent sweating, it made no sense to me to not optimize my bodies natural detox pathway. 

What you need for detoxing your armpits:

1. Natural Deodorant

2. Charcoal or Benzonite Clay

3. Patience


  • some people do not see a difference right away nor notice anything but use the charcoal bar to wash your armpits every night or mix some clay and water and use as a mask to help pull toxins


  • you should be smelling and maybe even sweating more at this point since now your armpit pores are freeing up to push out toxins. I remember smelling so terrible for THREE weeks, I had lots of backed up toxins in my body
  • continue doing week ones routine


  • for most people by now the smell will subside and now you can continue to wash you armpits with the charcoal to help keep you dry and stink free.
  • if you are still smelling, please give yourself some time and also access the foods you are eating. You are what you eat, so super smell pungent foods will come out through your pores ie garlic, onions etc


  • this was my free week, I was finally free and using deodorant like a normal person, I didnt have to use my bar nightly, only if I felt I had to or on days I knew Id have a sweaty day.
  • some people need more time than 4 weeks, also okay. Most of us have been using toxic deodorant for YEARS we cant expect changes over night either. 

So once I was done: I no longer had hypohydrosis. I was free from sweating at really stupid times. My excess sweating was my body telling me it couldnt keep up with the amount of toxins I was using and it was trying so hard to push them out by SWEATING. 

This is why we need to listen to our bodies and not just try to suppress symptoms. 

I hope this helps and gives you hope on your detox journey! 

Other brands I recommend:

Kaia Naturals

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by Illie Z – March 31, 2021