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Strengthen Your Immune System for Winter

Strengthen Your Immune System for Winter

There are a bunch of reasons we get sick, but it's also not good to NEVER be sick either. What's important is we can get sick without it being super detrimental to our health and become very serious. 

Once fall hits I really ramp up my supplements and streamline my habits so that my immune system is strong and I usually only get sick once or twice a year for a couple days. I'm usually fully functional without any major set backs (thankfully). 

So what do I do to keep my immune system healthy? Let's get into it!

First it obviously comes down to lifestyle. While many find it extreme that I don't indulge in a lot of artificial foods around the holidays, that's the one thing that keeps me my healthiest. It's called "flu season" but in reality it's just stress, indulging in junk food, drinking alcohol and sleeping less season. Through the holidays I try to stick to a sleep routine even if that means leaving earlier than everyone else, I don't consume alcohol and I dont take this time to totally destroy my gut. 

I don't feel I'm missing out on any fun because it's usually perceived fun. I spent most of my life living in that way only to regret it the morning after and even years after when struggling with mystery issues. It's all about perception. So just keeping your routine close to what it normally is. 

But the part we're all here for is supplements and what I take to really help me out during "flu season". But let's be real, sometimes getting sick is going to happen and we gotta just role with it. 

First is Vitamin C. I normally take this all year round but especially in the winter months. IF I feel slightly under the weather, I never get an Emergen-C from the store which is just sugar and synthetic ingredients - I just grab pure Vitamin C

Zinc is another one I normally take routinely for my health but especially to help fight off illness. Zinc not only helps build the immune system but can also help with acne, wound healing, and age-related illness. 

Colostrum has been a new trend lately, my favorite way to take it is in capsule form since it's just easier for me that way. Colostrum helps with gut health and immune health. Since our immune system and gut are intertwined it's important I incorporate some gut supportive supplements during the winter months for extra protection. 

Since I live in Florida, I don't really take Vitamin D during the winter but I do when I'm traveling to areas that arent so sunny. Just remember to take Vitamin D upon waking up since it can help with circadian rhythm. 

Feel free to shop all our immune boosting options and see which is best for you! 

by Iliriana Zeneli – January 02, 2024