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My Standard

When starting my health journey there were key ingredients that I noticed were contributing to my chronic debilitating symptoms. I noticed these ingredients in many of my favorite foods, supplements and every day products. 

When starting Live Healthillie, my goal is to make sure every product is made with honest, whole ingredients. 

Every brand goes through review before getting launched on the website and must meet my personal standard. 

Live Healthillie products will not include:

Artificial Flavors
Artificial Dyes
Unnecessary Filler
Mystery Natural Flavor (all flavorings are researched prior to make sure they are sourced from real ingredients according to the flavor ex: mango flavor, sourced from mango, vanilla flavor sourced from vanilla bean/extract)
Synthetic Fragrance
Citric Acid (from mold, any citric acid must be non gmo and sourced properly)
Unnecessary Gums
Artificial Sweeteners
This is the Live Healthillie way and in my opinion the best way to get the most out of your supplements and products.