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I founded Live Heathillie after years of struggling with common symptoms like bloating, migraines, eczema, acne, fatigue and more. Although common, I knew they weren't normal and I was eager to get to the source.

I started my fitness journey at the age of 20 and worked in some of New York's most well respected gyms. I was physically fit, counted my calories/macros and enjoyed life.  Not too long later at the age of 23, I started noticing my health taking a turn. I started getting chronic migraines, hormonal acne, terrible bloating after every meal, heavy painful periods, eczema on my face and legs, the list goes on. I went to endless doctors and specialists and every single one either wanted to put me on medication, topical steroids, antibiotics - you name it, After being neglected by doctors for years, I decided to do my own research into holistic practices. 

I soon realized I was being exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins, endocrine disruptors and gut irritators in my everyday products and my body couldn’t keep up. Products I trusted to contribute to my health, like protein, candles, skincare and teas, were riddled with plastics, gums, unknown additives, fillers and more. 

After searching the internet high and low for trusted sites to buy cleaner swaps, I found myself ordering from so many different sites, I really wanted one place for everything and Live Healthillie was soon born. 

As a holistic health coach and certified personal trainer, I am passionate about health and will always advocate for the cleanest ingredients. I truly believe my life's work is helping others live a low tox life and be able to truly experience complete wellness. 

I aim to find and help small and diversely owned businesses and make it easier for you to swap out even the most toxic of products. 

I truly believe every one can live healthillie

-  Illie