Truvani Vitamin D3

Truvani Vitamin D3
Truvani Vitamin D3
Truvani Vitamin D3
Truvani Vitamin D3

Truvani Vitamin D3

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I’ll spare you the horrifying details. Let’s just say the many processes include detergents, alcohol, and chemical solvents. We’re supposed to put this in our bodies?!

Plus, some of them contain:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Corn byproducts
  • Gelatin
  • Gums
  • Vegetable glycerin

That’s a BIG NO for Truvani. Real Vitamin D3 from Non-GMO Organic Lichen

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lauren Riley
Go to D3

These are easy to take, and I don’t have to worry about extra fillers and preservatives wrecking havoc. But that’s how we all feel about this whole site!

I will always support this company because the owner practices what she preaches and man, is that rare. “Vote with your dollar” as Illie says!

Knew where to come

I have been trying to get pregnant for the last year and a half. When I was just on the phone with yet another doctor, she told me I should start taking vitamin D3. She asked me if I needed any recommendations for this vitamin and I told her, nope, I’m good. I know exactly where to go to get one. Thank you for making my life easier by having these products right at our fingertips.

Colleen Capone
Vitamin D3

Love the product....only negative is some of the pills are always broken and chalky stuff at the bottom. Not sure if it's packaging or what but still like results


First of all, I LOVE Healthillie and will continue to shop there. My review of Truvani Vit D is not a reflection of the shop just the individual product. It arrived mostly crushed to powder with 10ish usable pills inside. I reached out to customer service and they were great! They promptly sent me a replacement. The replacement was still mostly crushed with a few more usable pills than the last time. It must be their formula because the pills are extremely crumbly and there’s not enough padding inside the bottle to keep them from breaking against each other and the glass. The packaging in the actual box was great so it’s no fault of Healthillie’s.

Patricia Cabrera

Really liked the way it comes in a bottle and how easy it is to swallow.
I am going to keep buying it as a supplement.

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