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My Mother's Day Gift Guide

My Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is around the corner and I wanted to make a quick guide to help you find the perfect non-toxic gifts for a mother or mother figure in your life!

For The Active Mom:

  • Protein + Greens: this organic protein + greens powder is perfect for mom's on the go. Goes great alone with milk or in a smoothie and has a subtle banana/vanilla flavor
  • Ora Organics Matcha: if you love matcha and want a clean alternative to starbucks favorite - this is the next best thing with a solid boost of energy and no crash
  • Moon Valley Herbal Muscle Rub: we all know moms with achey body parts - so give the gift of relief. This is a natural swap to Tiger Balm!

For The Mom That Needs A Break:

  • We all have that mom that never has time for a spa day, so bring it to her with our Sweet Dreams Salt Soak. With calming lavender and chamomile - she is guaranteed to feel relaxed
  • This magnesium sleep spray is a game changer, get one for yourself while you are at it! A few sprays on the body and you are ready for bed.
  • A face mask is a must for any spa day - this gentle enzyme mask is perfect for all skin types and gives such a hydrating boost of nourishment

The SkinCare Obsessed Mom:

  • Another great ask for aging skin is the Hibiscus Regenerating Mask, just dump some powder into a bowl and mix with water!
  • Our dual ended jade roller is a game changer for any skincare routine. It stays naturally cool to help depuff skin, tone, and help oils penetrate better.
  • this unique gift is something anyone will love - Sea Body Sponge. Fully sustainable and biodegradable. Great swap to those conventional plastic ones and also helps gently exfoliate skin.
  • Last our newest summer addition- Marina! Perfect for evening out texture and discoloration, perfect addition to any skincare regiment.

The Lavender Lover:

  • Personally, my grandma loves anything lavender so I had to give you some insight on what I will be getting her. First, our luxurious body butter - perfect for all skin types but especially super dry skin.
  • Grow Fragrance - for me this is so important since I really want the women in my life to avoid endocrine disrupting artificial fragrance so this is a must and we have a bunch of beautiful scents including Lavender ofc!
  • Our newest item which is a great pair for our diffuser is the Lavender essential oil! It can also be used on dryer balls in replace of dryer sheets.
  • Then we have our beautiful lavender body wash one from Moon Valley and a frothier one from Organic Bath

The New Mom:

  • We always remember baby, but we forget mom needs love too! Make new mom feel cared for with our amazing Lash booster, with botanicals to help eyebrows and lashes grow!
  • My newest obsession is our body scrubs in Peppermint and Blood Orange - super hydrating and fine grains anyone will love!
  • Who doesnt love a bath bomb? Ditch toxic Lush products and get this non toxic bath bomb that smells DIVINE.
  • Our magnesium oil is just perfect for anyone and especially a new mom who can use some peaceful sleep! 
  • A lip scrub is simple way to feel luxurious and hydrated- I personally use this probably more than I should but its that awesome

The Health Kick Mom:

  • So if I was a mom, what would I want? Well my go-to's ofc! Beauty Collagen is such a nice and simple gift and its perfect for anyone since its unflavored and easy to use
  • Sweat it out detox bath salt is perfect for whoever wants to push out those toxins and start fresh!
  • Zuma Trace Minerals will make any mom feel like they have their life together- since many of us simply do not eat enough variety this is a great addition to any health freaks daily routine!


  • We all have that mom we have no clue what to get, has everything, or its a teacher, neighbor, in law whoever you can never go wrong with a beautiful diffuser and essential oil combo
  • Dont want to spend too much? our non toxic candles are just as beautiful and any mom would love! 

Hope this little blog helps! Happy Mother's Day!

by Illie Z – May 04, 2021