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Top 5 Non-Toxic Vaginal Health Tips

Top 5 Non-Toxic Vaginal Health Tips

Vaginal health is a very important part of a women's health and often with overlooked or we do too much. Our vagina is self-cleaning and with good nutrition there is very little we really need to do but if you're someone who needs a little more TLC - I have just the tips for you. 

1. Optimal Nutrition

A big factor to a healthy vaginal microbiome is what we consume. There was a time in my life I had reoccurring UTI's and had to go on rounds of antibiotics until finally I asked the urgent care doctor if there was anything else that could be causing this? I was freshly off birth control after being on it for 7 years and wasn't even sexually active at this point so how was I getting it? She confirmed that my gut health could be causing it. Ever since I changed my diet, I haven't had a UTI since. 

I Avoided: Ultra-processed foods and refined sugar. 

I consumed more: red fruits and veggies, high fat foods like avocado, salmon, walnuts, and gut healing foods like bone broth, yogurt, kefir etc. 

2. Non-Toxic Body Care

There is a huge market out there for feminine hygiene with all types of fancy washes. The truth is, we really don't need anything fancy just simple. I love our Aleavia body wash because it has simple ingredients, no hormone disruptors and it's microbiome friendly. Just a friendly reminder that you don't need to wash the vagina since it's self cleaning but you can wash your body and outside areas like normal. 

3. Vaginal Probiotics

We can all use extra support and when you are someone who struggles with vaginal health issues - it can really come in handy to create balance again. The vagina and urinary tract need a healthy balance of friendly bacteria to help them resist colonization by other not-so-friendly bugs that can contribute to issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs. I love Lady Bugs by Ora Organics because have been widely studied for their potential to support healthy pH levels in the vagina, decrease the presence of inflammatory signaling molecules, reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and support healing in skin-type cells found in the vagina. 

4. Non-Toxic Period Care

What we use internally when our period comes is just as important since our vaginas are so sensitive. Many mainstream period care products contain whitening agents, bleach, fragrance and other hormone disrupting chemicals like plastic. By no means should they be entering such a sensitive area. Viv for your V is a great non-toxic period care brand with pads, tampons, liners and even 100% medical grade silicon menstrual cups if that's more your vibe. Many women have experienced even a lighter flow and less painful periods simply from switching to cleaner period products. 

5. Get Intimate Safely

For many sex can be a major trigger and be very uncomfortable for people. Again, many conventional lubricants you can find at Target or Walgreens contain hormone disrupting ingredients like fragrance and parabens. A natural lubricant with minimal ingredients can help especially for those that experience vaginal dryness. I prefer Coconu and they have two a water based one and oil based one for multiple preferences. Water-based is more gentle and short acting where the oil based one lasts longer and both are hypoallergenic so it's perfect for even the most sensitive people. 

Taking care of your vaginal health should be easy and a no brainer but with so many new brands trying market having your hoo-ha smell like cotton candy - we are made to think we need all these products. For me, vaginal health is about supporting my body nutritionally and supplementing if I need more support while cleaning up products that go near that area from body wash to tampons. 

by Iliriana Zeneli – May 29, 2024