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Rosemary Beach Travel Guide 2023

Rosemary Beach Travel Guide 2023

If you've never been to Florida's best kept secret (at least for me) welp, now you have to go. I have never heard of 30A, Alys Beach or Rosemary Beach until talking to some local Floridians and asking them where they like to travel since the summer gets so hot here. 

Then all that was popping up on my FYP was 30A and I knew I had to go. I was skeptical going to another beach town since I literally live in one but BOY was I impressed. (disclaimer I'm going to go back and forth between Alys and Rosemary beach since they are adjacent and walking distance from each other so we went to both the same day) 

We went for my birthday weekend, just Matt, myself and Moose. I typically plan everything on a schedule but this time around I just wanted to relax and explore and so happy we did. 

We stayed in an airbnb that was WAY too large for us, it slept 12 people but it was the only place I could find last minute that was dog friendly. 

This was the airbnb and it was really beautiful. They also have this little area in between Rosemary & Alys Beach called Seacrest beach which is literally a rental community it seemed like with its own tram service, pool access and beach access. We were right outside that community and still had all their amenities. Its very family friendly and a decent amount of bachelorette parties. Highly suggest that area for large groups. 

We spent a lot of our time just on the beach or walking around with Moose. You can rent bikes were are pretty easy to find. Our Airbnb had bikes available so we didnt need to use a service, if you have more people you can rent a golf cart or hop on the tram. 

Restaurants were the main attraction here and we had some pretty good food. We didnt get to try everything since we were only there for two full days but ill list out all the restaurants I had on my list so you can mix and match. 

The hot spot and definitely healthillie approved spot was Raw & Juicy. They have breakfast, lunch & dinner (on weekends), fresh organic juices, a little shop with handmade body products, amazing smoothies, bowls and bites. We ate breakfast here everyday by just walking over. I loved it here. 

Another breakfast/cafe spot was Fonville Press, lots of healthillie approved snacks in there! 


The Citizen had amazing food, nice ambience, and even mocktail options! 

The Pearl rooftop/Havana Rooftop had nice views, live music but not my vibe food wise but a cute spot to stop for drink during sunset. 

Pescado Rooftop topped it for me. Amazing food & views. So cute in here!

More Dinner spots we didnt get to go to:



Neat (wine bar)

La Crema


Highly suggest just walking around Rosemary Beach and hanging out. Lots of live music and chill night life. Really feels like you're in Europe with the buildings and architecture and just overall vibe of the area. 

Matt reached out to a company to do a beach bonfire, apparently its a very popular thing to do there, we saw a handful on the beach with large parties and families. They even set ours up to have gluten free smores. Highly recommend Other Mamas. 

Here are my IG reels to give you some visuals of what we did.

Reel 1

Reel 2

Reel 3

Lastly wanted to link a couple things I packed for myself since my supplement routine is very important when I travel.

First greens, I NEVER get enough greens when I travel and I feel like thats always what contributes to slower digestion. So I packed a few packets of the Cymbiotika Greens and also the Vitamin C for immunity.

Since its very hard to get high quality water on the go I also bring our Cymbiotika Molecular Hydrogen. This really makes such a difference in how I feel energy wise and skin wise. 

Since we drove I was able to bring my whole pack of matcha by Blume. I live this because its already flavored how i like it so I just need to add milk or water and enjoy. 

I find I have a hard time sleeping in new places and we had an hour time zone change that I didnt expect so I brought some tea and magnesium with us. Our topical magnesium is something I use everyday so thankfully I was able to bring it since again, we drove. 

Hopefully you guys add Alys Beach to your future travel plans because I'm definitely going back! 

by Iliriana Zeneli – September 07, 2023