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Parasite Cleanse 101

Parasite Cleanse 101

Okay so you've decided our parasite cleanse is right for you so here we are! This is a master list straight from Zuma on how to do it and how to prepare. 

Will you see parasites in your poop?

You 100% can. Some people get gloves and take their poop apart to see anything large but if you don't want to do all that, then don't and youll be fine. 

Will you FEEL them coming out of your butt?

lol no. They are dead by the time they come out, you will not feel it. I have seem people pull out some crazy long parasites but they usually takes a few rounds before something that large comes out and by then you are a pro. 

How long is the cleanse?

This one is 30-45 days. I have seen longer ones that are more extensive but they are normally 30 days if you want them to be effective. 

What's it taste like?

Gunna be honest, not that great. The herbs used for parasites are extremely powerful - to help with the taste I make it hot like a tea and a big ass squeeze of lemon.

DAY 1-3

Take a 1/2 dropper before bed on an empty stomach (2 hours after eating) 

DAY 3-30

Take 1 full dropper AM + PM (if after day 3 it feels like a lot, take a few more days of just the half dropper than that will end up extending the amount of time you are on the cleanse. 

OTHER SUPPLEMENTATION (what I will be doing - you do not have to do all this but it can be helpful)

  • full dropper of our Trace Minerals in water on an empty stomach in the morning and then throughout the day. 1 dropper per 12-24oz of water.
  • you can also use the Liver Detox if you are having trouble pooping and add a squeeze of lemon juice (I personally drink this hot like a tea)
  • 1 hour before lunch take a probiotic of choice. I personally use our Trust Your Gut & Ora sells a less expensive version of their probiotic on their website and you can use my code HEALTHILLIE at checkout.


When doing this cleanse, if you have parasites they will not leave without letting it be known. Some people dont get any symptoms, some get mild symptoms and some terrible symptoms (and normally if its terrible it means you arent supporting your body properly and arent hydrated - remember that)

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • cravings
  • skin breakouts 
  • rash
  • aches
  • flu like symptoms
  • phlegm or stuffy nose
  • brain fog

yes the symptoms can be pretty shitty but fair to say the only issue I had the first time around was migraines and they lasted about a week and subsided. I also had bad hormonal acne prior and by the time I finished my skin cleared up id say easily 95%. Not promising anything since we are all different but just sharing my experience. 


  • drink plenty water (not tap) should be filtered or spring water
  • get good sleep
  • avoid processed foods
  • daily self massages
  • get in nature + ground


  • cleanse the colon: consume 1tbsp chia seeds + fulvic minerals in 8 oz water and drink daily.
  • move daily
  • avoid highly processed foods
    • check your supplements and food for seed oils, artificial sweeteners, dies, and mystery flavoring
  • start from now to drink plenty water and hydrate.
  • avoid high glycemic fruits


  • garlic
  • onion
  • honey
  • dates
  • pumpkin seeds!!!!!! 
  • pineapple
  • apple cider vinegar
  • spices
  • coconut oil
  • carrots
  • dandelion greens
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • sunflower seeds
  • fermented foods
  • chia seeds!!!!!!

okay thats everything you need to know about the parasite cleanse so if you ever plan on doing it again, you have this full blog on my website and even better Zuma has so many amazing blogs on other cleanses that they have and more info on parasites if you are looking for that!

by Illie Z – September 19, 2021