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My Favorite Practioners

My Favorite Practioners

As a health coach, who no longer takes clients, I still want to provide so many of you with great ways to invest in your health. I have personally broken away from the western medical system years ago after being gaslit about my health issues and told my blood work was normal regardless of FEELING normal - and Ive found a lot of relief being my own advocate and finding likeminded coaches/doctors online. 

Now don't get me wrong Western Medicine is extremely important and has a place in my health journey but for preventative health, I have found a lot of help and healing by following and investing in people below. 

If you'd like to find a Naturpathic Doctor near you.

If you'd like to find a Functional Doctor near you. 

also another great place I've come across and had the chance of visiting is The Lanby in NYC. Its membership based and a great place to go for primary care in general. 

Looking for at home blood testing thats easy and get one on one work with a practitioner try these: 

Moment Health Co. for overall health

Paloma Health at home thyroid test

Viome at home gut test

For more knowledge about cancer and treatment, I love following @connealymd and her practice Cancer Center for Healing

Here is a list of my favorite practitioners to follow who also currently take clients:

@kalemekourtnutrition opened up her own program complete with lab testing - she's great to work with if you are TTC, struggling with PCOS, & hormone issues. I've personally worked with her for half a year now and WOW the change I've seen in my energy and health overall has been indescribable. 

@drhalieschoff offers lab testing also in her program and depending on where you are in NY (shes up north north) she also does in person and free discovery calls over the phone along with amazing retreats! 

@jessicaashwellness is perfect if you are struggling with thyroid issues (hypo or hyper), PCOS, hormonal issues, weight problems, etc She has lots of free downloads/courses and has an amazing more in depth program.

@drshannoncurtis is my favorite follow for all things ACNE! She has a masterclass on how to heal after Accutane and you can even work with her virtually or in person if youre in Boulder Colorado. 

@dr.ryan.monahan is a functional medicine doctor who discusses topics from the IUD to chronic UTIs to endometriosis. Really knows his supplements and is a wealth of knowledge. 

@ashleytaylorwellness offers Health and Life coaching if you feel you need someone to kick you into shape physically and mentally. 

@innate_fertility is a prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum coach offering courses and so much knowledge if you're TTC.

@jessicaanazareth is a sexual wellness coach specializing in all things libido, sex and vaginal health. 

@meg_langston has an amazing 1:1 course and guides if you are struggling with metabolic health, hormone issues or digestion. 

@yourgutsygal has great coaching on all things GUT HEALTH. 

@caleeshea has so many courses for anyone looking to break up with birth control of all kinds, workout for their cycle, and heal their hormones.  

There are also a bunch of new membership based functional practices where you pay a subscription monthly or yearly and have 24 hour access to professionals and lab work. I think this is a great option for people who are unsure where to start and definitely need more support but also people who are looking for health maintenance.

Malla is one of those programs! 

Along with Function Health founded by Dr. Mark Hyman

I will be expanding this list periodically as I find more coaches and doctors I love but it IS worth investing in your health. 

Remember, finding a practitioner isn't as easy as picking out an outfit. Id suggest taking a couple days, look at what each one has to offer and weigh out your budget. 

by Iliriana Zeneli – February 21, 2023