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After ditching alcohol a couple years ago I don't touch a lot of the 'alternatives' until really holiday season. I love making my own mocktails but now with so many brands coming out it's hard to keep up with what's actually GOOD. I've tried a bunch this year and wanted to share yet again, some of my favorites. 


1. De Soi is still one of my favorite brands for a wine or champagne alternative. I also like that it gives a slight buzz. They make full bottles and also mini cans! 

2. Surely is a true wine alternative. It's wine with the alchohol removed so if you miss the taste of wine or like the vibe, this is great and also comes in bottles or cans. 

3. For Bitter or Worse is a unique brand with rich ingredients and flavor. Come in cans and beautiful bottles for gifting. 

4. Amass makes botanical alternatives to drinks like Gin but they also make ones with alcohol so just be clear on which one you're getting! 

5. Optimist Drinks honestly need to be every fancy juice drinkers bar cart. They look amazing, great ingredients and great for any mixologist. 

6. If you know, Kin Euphorics will definitely be a favorite of mine, I just love the feeling I get from LightWave when I want to have fun but their other flavors are delicious and you can now find them at Sprouts!

7. For the non-beer drinkers who miss beer, gotta bring Athletic Brewing Co. into the mix. They really did an amazing job with making a better alternative. 

8. If you don't want wine, beer, or any type of alcohol, then you just need to sit back with an Olipop. They're so easy to find now and they're great for any party or gathering. I dont even offer typical sodas in my house anymore. 

9. My favorite mixer made with all real fruit juice and makes the PERFECT addition to any mocktail is definitely Spindrift

10. These I recently saw at Sprouts and grabbed a couple and they're great as a stand alone or to mix for friends who still prefer alcohol. With + Co is so delicious and very cute to look at. 

11. Another wine alternative that is becoming a hot commodity is NON wine. They have alternatives from white to red. 

12. Apothekary is one of the coolest brands I've seen so far. They're little tinctures you can add to ANY drink or alone to kick it up a notch and give you that "alcohol" feel. They sell the cutest little set too which is great for stocking stuffers. 

13. If you've been around my favorite Arizona Iced Tea Dupe has been DrinkHalfDay sometimes you just want an iced tea without 30g of sugar, ya know?

14. I dont mean to save the best for last but I recently tried these Curious Elixirs and OMG the best mocktails I've probably ever had. I literally would not believe you if you said it was alcohol free. They are so complex like a true cocktail. Worth every penny. 

If you want some great mocktail and other drink recipes definitely follow my girl Holistic Rendevous on Instagram. 

Cheers to 2023! 

by Iliriana Zeneli – November 16, 2023