Ora Organic Easy Being Green

Ora Organic Easy Being Green
Ora Organic Easy Being Green

Ora Organic Easy Being Green

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We know it can be tough getting your greens, and not everyone likes eating fruits and vegetables!

Our delicious Certified USDA Organic greens powder is made from over 20 veggies, grasses, herbs, algae and superfoods, helping you get the greens you need and perfect for sneaking extra nutrients to kids and picky eaters!

Customer Reviews

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Manaal Mufti

Ora Organic Easy Being Green

Great ingredients, found a way around flavor!!

So like everyone is saying a good greens powder is never going to taste great and I found a way to make it almost good! For anyone who’s into a chocolate orange flavor it isn’t bad mixed with the Ora chocolate powder! I’m sure if mixed with the vanilla it’d have a creamsicle vibe! Not as good as the original deserts but a great way to get it down in a tolerable way!

The taste ..

The taste is not great. Not going to lie. Lol but it seems to be helping. Pro tip: either drink mixed with orange juice or with ice cold water. It’s the only way I can take them. Also some times using a straw for a quick sip can help. Would give it 1 star for the taste but keeping it at 5 because it does work if you can get past the taste. ( fyi greens aren’t ever going to taste “good” and if they do it’s filled with bad shit)

Skiey Hailey Placencia
Every morning before food and coffee

I drink Easy Being Green every morning. The taste is amazing and I love how it makes me feel. Just put it in 8oz of water and you are good to go!

Karlee Byrd
I want to love it.

I have tried many greens powder and they always hurt my stomach but this one didn't. The only issue is, I don't like lemons (pretty sure mines lemon flavored). It almost makes it impossible to drink, no matter what I mix it with. I have tried smoothies, by it's self, mixed with literally everything and anything and all I taste is lemons. The texture is fine and it mixes well.

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