Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic

Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic
Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic
Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic

Wooden Spoon Herbs Menstrual Magic

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Menstrual Magic eases you along with the tides of the moon and menstruation. This formula supports an easier flow, allowing for more rest and rejuvenation. Its magical qualities ease muscle spasms, support a healthy cycle, take the edge off of PMS and anxiety, and can support optimal hormonal balance. 

Cautions: Not for use in pregnancy unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Gallagher

I've been using this stuff for the first few days prior to my period starting, and throughout my period, as needed and wow. I notice an almost immediate improvement in both my cramps and mood. I'm grateful to have come across this & got rid of taking tylenol for several days once a month, a safe & gentle remedy for "that time" of month - treating your body with kindness! <3

Literal magic

After searching high and low for a natural remedy to my period pains I have finally found the best product. A few droppers into your water is all you need to ease your cramps and pains. Highly recommend!

A miracle worker!

This product has made an insane difference. My period used to be something I dreaded so much because I would have insane cramps and awful mood swings. This last cycle has been completely different. I started taking this 3-4 times a day as soon as I got my period and no lie I have had 0 cramps. I feel amazing, I can do normal every day activities, I genuinely do not even feel like I'm on my period. I also started eating for my cycle so I believe this combo has made all the difference. I am so happy I can stop taking Advil every day on my period and found this amazing alternative that works WAY better.

Truly, Magic!

I’ve had painful periods for years; the kind where I would essentially be laid up on the first two days of my cycle and would pop Motrin pretty much around-the-clock. The only thing I hated more than the pain was how the birth control my OBGYN threw at me in high school made me feel. So I thought I would have no choice to but to just deal with the pain and discomfort every month.
This stuff is honestly incredible. I used it for the first time last week, and I only had to take pain relievers twice throughout the 6 days I had my cycle, which is honestly like a night and day difference! It really kept the pain at bay. Seriously, if you have bad PMS symptoms, give this a try. It’s INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much, Illie!

It actually works!

I’ve tried so many natural remedies to help with severe cramps, because I hate having to take otc meds every 6-8 hours, and nothing has helped ...until now. I took this a few times a day if/when I felt my cramps coming on and it helped keep them at bay and from getting really bad. I’m so happy!

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