Zuma Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals

Zuma Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals
Zuma Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals

Zuma Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals

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Energy, Immunity, Detoxification

Potential Benefits:

Eliminates Heavy Metals
Reduces Inflammation
Eliminates Toxins
Improves Cellular Function
Balances Hormones
Supports Vitality
Replenishes Mineral Deficiencies

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Brooke Pottle

I specifically ordered this to help with heavy metal detox and overall hormone health. It’s a little early to give a full report…
After about a week I can say I do feel lighter and less bloated than I usually did.

annisa baksh
Made me Sick!

I wanted to really really love this based on the reviews left but unfortunately this does NOT work for me. Upon taking it I started having bad headaches.. I ignored it not making anything of it but as I started to take it everyday, other horrible side affects started occurring.. It started with a bad headache to extreme nausea.. i felt like i was car sick.. i then started having stomach aches.. it was terrible! They days i didnt take this, i would have no issuses. I did some research and was able to find that headaches and diarrhea were side affects. Although i didn’t experience the diarrhea part lol , the extreme nauseating feeling made have to stop using this product in its entirety. If you can handle this, good for you, but if youre on the sensitive side.. this may not be the best.. again everyone is different

So glad I bought these

I have been using a Berkey Water Filter for awhile now and noticed some things weren't right and realized I was stripping minerals. This is so easy for me to add to my water, there is no taste and have noticed little shifts already and expect more to come!

Pinar Ust

I love this product so much! I am on my second bottle! I put it in water or my smoothie everyday and I truly feel like it helps with my energy, mood, and inflammation, etc! For sure a staple in my house!

Zuma Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals… Love!

I bought this with the liver detox and am loving the results. I’m feeling less tired, and really see myself using these products regularly. Great ingredients and I don’t worry about what’s in it.

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