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Illie's Healthie Holiday Gift Guide

Blogs – by Illie Z

Illie's Healthie Holiday Gift Guide

It is almost that time of year to start gifting the family CLEAN PRODUCTS (that they'll probably roll their eyes at, but appreciate in the long run).  I am the black sheep of the family when it comes to my lifestyle. Like who asks for an air purifier for Christmas? lol me.  Now I wanted to make a list that DIDN'T involve my website although, anything from my website is a perfect gift/stocking stuffer. Personal favorite: candles, grow fragrance, skincare! If you are reading this - we are getting actual stocking stuffers up on the site in a few weeks with such cute minis and trials for the fam who is still hesitant!  But enough of that let's get to the ultimate healthie holiday gift guide for literally anyone in the family!  1. COYUCHI Literally anything coyuchi. This brand is all organic, luxurious and definitely pricey BUT you really cant match the quality. Here are a few I would personally go for as a gift: Super Soft Organic Throw Blanket Unisex Organic Waffle Robe Organic Bath Towels 2. For the Nut Milk Lover Definitely a splurge with the $218 price point BUT you literally never have to buy your own milk ever again so..... feel like it pays itself after a while.  Nut milk maker 3. Natural Perfume This is something I personally bought for myself and the scents are really light and beautiful. Comes in a set of 3 roller balls and they are all clean scents. They are simple and easy to just pop in your bag. Feel like this is good for any age group too!  4. Mate The Label Who does'nt love an ORGANIC matching set? like cmon. If you build your own matching set its 20% off so I think thats a pretty good deal. Perfect for anyone but especially the HOME BODY.  Make your own set here.  5. Clean Self Care Set Okay personally, I LOVE just making a basket full of things depending on what the person likes. So picture this: get some clean bath salts, clean candle, clean exfoliant and then biohack the heck out of it and add a BATH WATER FILTER. Tbh, I would love something like this.  6. The BioHacker That Has Everything This is a product Ive personally been trying for a while now (on the low low because I'm the biggest skeptic) BUT I stayed open minded and it's actually INSANE. I got a somavedic to structure my water and block emf in my home. Water can be really poor quality, as most of us know, so with all the chemical treatments out water gets - the structure of it gets damaged. One thing I've noticed is I literally sleep like an absolute rock. You know those sleeps where you wake up and wonder when the heck you even fell asleep in the first place? yeah. They also have a 100% money back guarantee which is unheard of with most products. The price point is hefty but they gave me a code: HEALTHILLIE20 7. Blue Light Blockers This is a great gift for anyone in your family or friends list that you know is in front of a computer or TV screen all day. A good pair of blue light blockers can be a total game changer in someones health. I love these from RA Optics - lots of nice frames and the right amount of color so that you are actually blocking blue light. The one the eye doctor gives you is NOT enough like... at all.  8. The skincare obsessed These are two brands I plan on holding on my website - very soon BUT I dont want to hold out on you all because they are THAT amazing. Agent Nateur is for the absolute bougie skincare babe that you know. They have a higher price point, but for good reason. If you want to absolute change your skin and defy aging this is it. Really great for all skin types and even mature skin.  This is a fun set to gift!  The second brand was a black friday find for myself 2 years ago and I used every single drop. I personally got "The Whole Shebang" and it came with their skincare, body oils, body creams, masks and literally everything they have. I used every single thing. They have other gift sets for hydration, clear skin, body and more so you can really find something for most. I personally cant wait to hold them on LiveHealthillie so hopefully by the time you are done with ur trial - well be rocking and rolling!  9. Red Light Therapy Another major splurge that I also asked for for my birthday last year and use it constantly is my red light therapy . Any size does the trick and this is perfect for literally anyone that suffers with pain, poor sleep or are just active people. This can even help with skin to help produce more collagen. I personally use it before bed for about 10-15 minutes to help promote deeper sleep, help with my skin and even on my thyroid to reduce inflammation. It's really a great investment.  10. Toss The Toxins As the last product on my list, this may be a weird one. I really feel like a full kit of Branch Basics is perfect for someone who is really ready to make the leap or has just been wanting it for a while. You get $$ off with my code HEALTHILLIE so thats def a perk. Branch Basics completely swaps out any cleaner you have from toxic ass windex to greenwashing fake clean Mrs. Meyers (yes i said it, fake clean) AND the need to any type of powerful detergent or 'oxiclean' crap. The starter kit is the perfect place and tbh if you don't get it for someone else, get it for yourself. I have such a peace of mind knowing I don't have to worry about my home cleaners being toxic at all.  11. Most Aesthetic Diffuser Ever I personally have a diffuser from here and I absolutely love it. (also got it for christmas) I feel like most diffusers are so typical and ugly tbh but these are so pretty to just have as decor in your house!  That's my ultimate healthie list! I know there are SO many more but I felt like most health and wellness peeps always suggest similar things so I wanted to add some unique gifts here for people at all levels of their journey.  Also stay tuned for our stocking stuffers slowly hitting the website, we already have one live which is our grow fragrance discovery set! If you are hesitant or want to get someone else on board to ditch the febreze it's such a good stocking stuffer or add on to a gift basket!  Happy Holidays!   

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