Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder
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Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder

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Our delicious digestive enzymes supplement contains 15 digestive enzymes to help ease common digestive issues, working in your stomach to help digest food before it reaches your small intestine.

In addition to superstar enzymes like lactase from fungi, bromelain from pineapple, and papain from papaya, we’ve also included 1 billion probiotics in each serving to promote a healthy gut and cultivate an environment within which your digestive enzymes can be their most effective.

This powder helps alleviate and protect against common digestive issues like bloating, cramping, and constipation.

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Healthillie Certified

As a holistic health coach and certified personal trainer, I am passionate about health and will always advocate for the cleanest ingredients. I truly believe my life's work is helping others live a low tox life and be able to truly experience complete wellness.I aim to find and help small and diversely owned businesses and make it easier for you to swap out even the most toxic of products.

✓ Clean Ingredients
✓ Nothing Artificial
✓ Nothing Toxic

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bad taste, but does help

I’ve been doing the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet & when I have horrible bloating & stomach pains I take this. After a few hours my bloating does seem to settle down! It tastes good in a smoothie but doesn’t blend very well; in water by itself it has an awful taste that makes it hard to drink.

Meredith Schwab


Samantha Naranjo

Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzyme Powder

Maria Garza
Good product, but not what I ordered

I did not receive this product. I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but I ended up getting the capsules instead. The capsules for Ora Organic Break It Down Digestive Enzymes, work great! It has really helped the digesting process. I am unsure as to how the powder may taste. So I apologize for that! Stay Healthillie!

Kelly Toppenberg

These digestive enzymes are so tasty and so easy to take! I put a scoop in my daily greens drink or just mix it with some collagen and hot water and it makes for a nice warming drink :) I swear my bloating is better after using this product more consistently, along with some of the other gut health products on the healthillie website! I just ordered two more containers of this stuff even though I haven’t run out of my first one because I love it so much :) 10/10 would recommend

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