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Kitsch Shampoo Brush and Scalp Exfoliator

Kitsch Shampoo Brush and Scalp Exfoliator

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Daily scalp massage with a KITSCH SCALP EXFOLIATOR improves circulation, encourages hair growth & reduces build up. Use while washing hair to gently massage & exfoliate scalp. It's also great for helping to detangle your hair. Get ready to feel squeaky-clean & refreshed!
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Customer Reviews

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Diana Chaparro
Works amazing

My daughter and I love this!!! Our hair feels super clean and it’s super relaxing while washing your hair!

Melissa Q
Works, but might not last

This is my second time purchasing this item, mostly because I'm loyal to the brand Kitsch. This exfoliator does what it's supposed to and feels good on the scalp on hair wash day. However, it lasted me about 2 months before the bristles started to bend and not work as well as when I first got it. Might be because I put muscle into it when I wash my hair to ensure I get all the product and grease off. Might feel cheap to some, but works.

Cielo Hailey Placencia
Very relaxing

I have long hair, and I wash it about 1-2 times a week. With my hair often in braids and buns, my scalp doesn’t get as much love as I’d like. I got this exfoliating/shampoo brush to help break up product buildup and also stimulate my scalp. Wow oh wow was it instant relief. The small bristles work great to get every part of my scalp. I also use it when I start to feel a stress headache coming on.

Smaller than expected, but great!

This is an absolutely necessity when I wash my hair. I workout several times a week and only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, so I accumulate build up. This not only gets rid of the buildup, but feels amazing. I’d definitely recommend purchasing this!

Kristen Cantrell
My hair feels super clean!

I use this not only on myself but on my kids too and their hair feels so much better too!

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