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Boka Floss

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Ela Mint Teflon-free Petroleum-free Made from Natural Vegetable Wax Your mouth thanks you for your flossing habit, and so do your dental bills!

Keep your good habit going strong with our natural floss. Made with vegetable wax, it’s Teflon-free, petroleum-free and provides a thorough, satisfying clean.

Customer Reviews

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Best Floss

This is actually the best floss I have ever used!! Definitely worth the price. I can actually see the plaque coming off my teeth! So much better than any regular brand you find at the pharmacy.

Danee Kabel
Boka floss

Love Boka brand. Super easy swap for healthy dental care. And cute packaging.

Bailee Galloway
Love Boka so far!

Wow, a natural floss that doesn’t tear and tastes great. It actually makes me want to floss. My order got here very timely. Live Healthillie has a very user friendly website. She also is a kind an empowering person! Will be ordering again. Thanks!

Brandy W.
Different than traditional floss, but really good!

The floss is thicker than what you’re used to buying from the store and not as “slick”, because it doesn’t have the petroleum on it! It took a few days to get used to. It sort of felt like how it feels when you don’t floss for awhile, then you get back into it. After a few days, my teeth got used to it and I love it! I’m so glad to have found this brand on here, because I didn’t even know what they put on traditional floss. It’s really strong too, so it doesn’t fray while you’re flossing!

Best floss I have EVER used. Ever.

Bought this as a nontox swap, stayed because it cleans my teeth like no other floss I’ve ever tried. Its not just an “okay” alternative to traditional floss—it literally gets things out of my teeth that regular floss doesn’t. (I’ve tried! flossed a first time with regular floss, went back over it with the Boka, and it was astounding how much was missed with the regular floss).

In my first order I only picked up one—I quickly learned I can never be without it, and in my second order I bought 3😆

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