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Blume Birthday Cake Latte

Blume Birthday Cake Latte

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Why wait for your birthday to have cake? Take yourself back to a simpler time, when food was unprocessed and ingredients were whole. Indulge in this Limited Edition Birthday Cake Latte, minus the sugar rush or crash. Kid-you will love the nostalgic taste. Grown-up-you will love the maca mood support and that it's just 1g of sugar right from mama earth. (21 lattes)


Sure we could spend time running through tasting notes like orange, vanilla and sweet cream but honestly... it tastes just like cake, what more can we say? Don’t worry it isn’t too sweet, we like to leave that up to you. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lexis Jindra

I was super excited to try this Blume powder, as I have tried others.

Works excellent in smoothies. It gives them a delicious boost of flavor without adding a bunch of sweetness to your smoothie.

I’d say it’s a different kind of cake flavor than your stereotypical Betty Crocker birthday cake flavor. But it’s super yum!

I love to pair it with pineapple and raspberries in my smoothie. I hope Blume makes this a permanent product! I will definitely be purchasing again!

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