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Moon Valley Organics Lemon Vanilla Herbal Lotion Bar

Moon Valley Organics Lemon Vanilla Herbal Lotion Bar

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The scent is soft and basic, using lemon essential oils as an astringent to tone the skin.

Uses: hold the moon in your hands. As it warms, breathe in deeply. Melt bar into dry, chapped areas of skin, including cuticles-anywhere that needs soothing and protecting. Keep a tin next to the sink and enjoy this luxurious experience whenever your hands need some extra tending. TSA approved, use on arms, legs, feet, hair, beard, cuticles, face, lips – the purest lotion bar for your entire body. 1.9 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Isabelle Hyder
Moon Valley Organics Lemon Lotion Bar

This lotion was a pleasant surprise! I've never had a lotion bar before! It comes in a beautiful tin so you can have easy storage and it's portability is a plus. Some people say it smells like play-doh which made me nervous but I am a fan of lemon and vanilla scented things so I decided to try it out. I actually quite enjoy the scent, I think it's light and can smell the lemon vanilla...I wish the smell was more prominent and true to the lemon vanilla name. My mom and I smelled it when I first opened it to see if we could smell the play-doh scent and to be honest, we can tell why people would think that lol but it's not overpowering to us.
I have super sensitive skin - eczema comes out when I use typical products you can buy at the store. I trust Illie's product recommendations so I didn't hesitate to order this! So far this bar has been hydrating and hasn't give me any issues. It takes a minute to warm up in your hands but once you do, it spreads nicely over your skin.
Two thumbs up for product quality, innovation, and price!

jade anglin
Lotion bar

I like the coconut lemon one. This one is just as hydrating but smells like play-dough. Not bad just not how I want to smell.

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