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Healthillie's 2022 Mocktail Guide

Blogs – by Iliriana Zeneli

Healthillie's 2022 Mocktail Guide

I have been on my sober journey for about 2 years now and that has officially made me a mocktail connoisseur.    I have become obsessed with trying all different types of drinks and have accumulated some favorites through a lot of trial and error. Here are some of my top favorites to impress your family and friends and maybe even silence the "JuSt hAvE a DRinK!" comments you're bound to hear all night.  By The Bottle: These are some favorite brands where you can buy a whole bottle as a house warming gift, to "pop" like champagne, or just mimic that bottle of wine you gave up drinking.  1. Drink De Soi is actually Katy Perry's aperitif company and they also sell cans and 3 unique flavors. I personally enjoy Golden Hour and they contain adaptogens to help you relax and vibe out.  2. The mocktail option I offered at my wedding was Drink Ghia Aperitif, sparkling water and a sprig of rosemary. It looked and taste so elegant. The bottle is stunning and it also contains botanicals to help you kick up the energy.  3. For Bitter or Worse is perfect to drink alone or as a mixer. Love these options for occasions where you're probably the only boozeless beauty in the fam. These just simply taste nice, no major effects but nice to have!  4. Can't have a list without Three Spirit Livener, It's really the perfect bottle to bring to get the whole party started. Contains guayusa, guava leaf and schisandra to help you literally feel energized.  5. A really nice gift to bring, these are botanical wine swaps! Essentially wine without the alcohol. This is great for anyone who just misses their wine nights or loves the taste of wine, but not that wine migraine - Drink Proxie is where it's at.  6. Optimist Botanicals is another great bottle to use as a mixer to create your own mocktail beverages. Mix with a sparkling soda, tonic or create your own fancy blend and impress everyone.  7. Most cocktail mixers at the liquor store are filled with additives and even colors. Mixly creates great mixers with fruit juices and they have so many fun recipes on their website. 8. Miss the FLAVOR of alcohol but not alcohol itself? Amass makes Gin & Vodka with all natural botanicals. I also just love their packaging, looks so chic.  Fill The Cooler:  These are brands that will blend right in with the other cans in the cooler. Ive gotten invited to so many house parties or BBQ's where I don't want to sit there concocting my own mocktail, I want something easy to just bring and pop open a can. 1. My number one spot is easily Kin Euphorics in Spritz. I personally like the flavor of Lightwave better BUT after 3 Spritz I literally felt "tipsy" - I was giggly and relaxed. You can find many in stores now so I'd search their store locator but these are a winner in my book.  2. Love a spicy paloma? De La Calle makes some of my favorite drinks ever and truly the perfect in hand drink if your're feeling spicy. The variety pack is a great way to start since there is truly something for everyone, Pineapple and Manzana are my favorite though.  3. C'mon you think I'd leave out my favorite, Olipop? You can find them practically everywhere now so it makes the best in hand purchase if you get a last minute invite somewhere. Plus they have so many flavors someone is bound to love. If you shop online you can use my code Healthillie15 4. Craving a cocktail but not sure how to make your own mocktail? Drink Avec is SO cute to hold and they come in so many flavors. They make amazing mixers so even your drinking friends can enjoy a clean mix alternative.  5. My beer lovers, there is a solution! Athletic Brewing Company created non-alcoholic beer. Now I havent tried these because I never liked beer but they literally look just like beer and they have very similar ingredients. SO if you try it let me know!  6. Canned wine drinkers, Surely got you! They do contain sulfites which some people dont react well to (they're in regular wine too) but if it doesn't bother you then these are not only CUTE, they give me major Hamptons vibes, but they have your favorite wine flavors so you don't miss out on wine night.  Kin, Ghia & Drink De Soi also come in cans if you enjoy that adaptogenic feeling!  I hope this list helps all you Boozeless Babes on your sober journey and remember why we choose no alcohol - we're making health hot again hehe

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