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Supplements to get you through Holiday Season

Blogs – by Iliriana Zeneli

Supplements to get you through Holiday Season

The holidays always seem like a time where everything gets thrown out the window: habits, morals and definitely our routines. Let's be real, with all the running around, stress and more I don't always have the time to prioritize my 56 step routine so that's when my mighty supplements come in handy. I do not take all of these simultaneously but I definitely keep a few in my tool box for whenever I need them. In no particular order here are some of my favorites to whip out during family time.   Break it down digestive enzymes: I love these because they contain 15 digestive enzymes to help alleviate common digestive issues like bloating and occasional constipation (which are both super common around this time because of everything we're neglecting). It also includes one billion probiotics to help promote the health of your intestinal wall, which can get damaged when foods are poorly digested. It's easy to overeat or come across an unknown food sensitivity, or find that you feel bloated after certain meals. I personally like the powder because I can make it into a fun mocktail and sip on it before meals. On the topic of gut health one of my favorite supplements from Juna is their new Gut Therapy formula which can really be taken not just around the holidays. It helps with everything from blood glucose levels, gut immunity, reducing nausea, indigestion, bloat and gas. Taking it long term can positively impact your overall gut health if you've been struggling.  I recently made a mocktail using our Cymbiotika Molecular Hydrogen and it was amazing and can totally be remixed in different ways! Molecular hydrogen helps beat oxidative stress which can be brought on not just from food but even toxins and things out of our control. Especially if we're not hosting the holidays at home we can be exposed to unnecessary toxins elsewhere with candles and cleaning products.  The next two supplements are so important for liver health. Our liver takes a hit not just when we drink but when were exposed to toxins or eating foods that don't love us back. Our Zuma liver detox is great as a tea, in water or juice.  Some kind of liver support is ALWAYS in my supplement rotation especially when I cant do my nightly castor oil packs.  If you're looking for something more fun that you can add to smoothie or drink as a mocktail our Well Told Health Face The Day powder is perfect for those of you who still like to enjoy a glass of wine or two around the holiday season. It helps to relieve discomfort resulting from what you ate or drank the night or day before & if your liver needs a little extra support after a busy weekend or holiday festivities.  Another aspect of health people don't think about much during the holidays is their lymphatic system. When we wake up after a day or weekend of drinking and eating a lot we also wake up puffy, sluggish and have that "full" feeling. This can be due to how taxing the overeating, the drinking and lack of movement can be during the holiday season. Our Zuma Lymphatic Detox can help toxins be eliminated from the body so we don't become more susceptible to sickness. (this is also great for those of us who are acne prone) Last but not least if you're looking for a good probiotic to support you through the end of the year Zuma also makes a great multi-strain one that helps with mood, metabolism and overall gut health.  Again like I said, I really pick and choose some that I feel I need. My holiday season will be low key this year but I do plan on eating half my body weight in turkey and cranberry sauce FROM THE CAN so definitely will be adding some digestive support to the tool box. Happy Holidays! 

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Blogs – by Illie Z


Zuma Nutrition is easily one of my favorite brands on Live Healthillie, not just because of their great packaging and high quality supplements but their entire ethos as a company and their mission towards health.  Right now, I hold 4 of their best selling products and I plan on holding more but I truly believe these 4 can create a solid foundation for anyone wanting to upgrade their health.  So which one is right for you? I made a quick check-list so you can decide for yourself!  Fulvic Acid + Trace Minerals Most of us should be getting our minerals from our food but because of mono cropping and poor access to real spring water - we are lacking.  Fulvic Acid has the ability to chemically bind to toxins and eliminate them from the body Helps increase absorption of nutrients Supports Gut Health Protects Brain Health Reduces Inflammation Taken Daily Best Taken With: Liver Detox or Parasite Detox Read more at Zuma Nutrition  Parasite Detox Most people have parasites whether we want to admit it or not. You can get them from just living with pets and even eating sushi. Other countries actually encourage parasite detoxes bi-yearly!  This may be for you if you struggle with any of these symptoms: brain fog acne sleep disorders teeth grinding eczema hives food allergies loss of appetite Best taken with Fulvic Acid Trace Minerals Before doing the Parasite Detox please read Zuma's Guide.  Liver Detox The liver is probably one of the most important detox organics in the body and it is responsible for over 500 different functions in the body. This is the one I have been taking myself before starting a parasite detox so I can make sure my main detox organ is flushing all the gunk out before trying to push out parasites!  You may need to support your liver if you struggle with these symptoms: acne + skin rashes allergies blood sugar imbalances fatigue headaches sluggish stools muscle/joint pain depression mood swings best taken with Fulvic Acid Trace Minerals Liposomal Curcmin Most people suffer with chronic inflammation which is mostly caused from things like overload of toxins to untreated symptoms. Common signs of inflammation are: chronic illness skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis etc) joint pain inflamed gums IBS + gut issues asthma This is also the best tasting product from the whole line.  Hopefully this will help you narrow down your choices with your next purchase!  Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, always consult with your doctor before trying anything new  

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