Truvani Magnesium Tablets

Truvani Magnesium Tablets
Truvani Magnesium Tablets
Truvani Magnesium Tablets

Truvani Magnesium Tablets

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Supports Heart Health: A healthy level of magnesium supports heart health, and helps maintain healthy blood pressure that is already within the normal range.*

Supports strong, healthy bones.*

Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep: Magnesium prepares your body for grade-A shut-eye by relaxing the muscles and supporting healthy sleep patterns.*

Promotes Healthy Digestion: Magnesium is a major player in digestion, and may help support the digestive processes.*

Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: Magnesium plays a key role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.*

Promotes Respiratory Health: Magnesium promotes healthy respiratory muscle contractions.*

Supports a Healthy Mood: Magnesium promotes balance in the brain to help the body feel more relaxed and calm.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Noticed an improvement almost immediately. Will be repurchasing.

Jessica R.

I started taking these Magnesium tablets before bed and have already noticed improved sleep quality. I'm sleeping much more soundly and am waking up rested. I compared this bottle/ingredients to other supplements I take and I definitely will be switching to the Truvani brand for Vitamin B as well.

DayRonda Ray Gause
Day & night time

I take these in the mornings which helps me throughout the day with muscle pains and with sleep at night. Knowing what the tablets are made of makes me have a new confidence.

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