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Juna Nightcap Sleep Gummies

Juna Nightcap Sleep Gummies

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A revolutionary sleep aid that is scientifically backed to help improve your sleep.

Elemental Magnesium

72 trace minerals and magnesium citrate to support neurotransmitter and hormone regulation which resets sleep-wake cycles and binds to (GABA) receptors in your body to produce calming effects.

Increase Stage 3, Deep Sleep

Formulated with science-backed plants like Passionflower to help increase stage 3, deep sleep when your cells renew.

Antioxident Rich

Proprietary blend of antioxident-rich botanicals to help engourage relaxation and deep sleep.

Doctor Formulated

Formulated by leading doctors, chemists and women's health experts to enhance sleep.


Derived from plants, a microdose to encourage your body's own optimal production of melatonin.

Sugar-Free Formula

Instead of sugar, we use allulose. A low glycemic sweetener found in figs that tastes like sugar but acts as a prebiotic fiber in the body.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I have not slept this great since I was a teenager. Seriously, I would give this product 10 stars if I could! The best, all natural ingredients and they taste amazing.

The perfect natural sleep enhancer

I have been working night shift and it’s been hard to have a balance with my sleep. What I have been doing is when I’m about to leave work I take one and then go home get ready for bed and I have such a restful sleep. I literally take one every night!

Healthillie Certified

As a holistic health coach and certified personal trainer, I am passionate about health and will always advocate for the cleanest ingredients. I truly believe my life's work is helping others live a low tox life and be able to truly experience complete wellness.I aim to find and help small and diversely owned businesses and make it easier for you to swap out even the most toxic of products.

✓ Clean Ingredients
✓ Nothing Artificial
✓ Nothing Toxic

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