Zuma Biodynamic Inflammation Tonic (Liposomal Curcumin)

Zuma Biodynamic Inflammation Tonic (Liposomal Curcumin)
Zuma Biodynamic Inflammation Tonic (Liposomal Curcumin)

Zuma Biodynamic Inflammation Tonic (Liposomal Curcumin)

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Anti-Inflammation, Stress Relief, Joint Health

Potential Benefits:

Lowers Inflammation Levels
Supports Strength and Longevity
Lowers Oxidative Stress
Supports Joint Health
Supports Immunity
Supports Collagen Synthesis
Supports Skin Health


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I love it but

I love this!! The taste is bad the first time not gna lie lol but I swear you get used to it!! But I was so sad that after a few uses the pump just completely gave out. I’ve cleaned it and everything and even when there is nothing it wouldn’t want to squirt any out. I just gave up w it and hoping that maybe it was just a bad mix up other than that I love this product !

Joint Oil

After the second day of using it I felt a big difference in my joints. Thank you Zuma Nutrition!!!

Effective product

This definitely seems to improve my digestion and potentially balance hormones. I’m not very picky on taste so I take it straight each morning and don’t dilute in water. I find in water it tastes even more “earthy” than it already is. I usually have clots during menstruation and since using this I have not had any, which makes me believe it helps regulate hormone and definitely reduce inflammation as it says.

Love the product! The bottle is annoying though.

Product is amazing I love it!! I just wish the pump top worked better I keep it in my fridge as the bottle says keep refrigerated, but sometimes it takes like 7-8+ attempted pumps to get the 5 pumps recommended out of it because it just doesn't work all the time. It gets clogged or something so if it was a dropper like some of their other products that would be ideal if possible. Otherwise, the product itself has helped a lot I've noticed it calms my inflammation and helps me digest well too.

Queti Banos

Absolutely amazing, has helped with my bloated and overall makes me feel amazing. Helps with my IBS a ot highly recommend

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