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Organic Olivia Rosehip Relief

Organic Olivia Rosehip Relief

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Meet the formula that makes recovering from workouts an absolute breeze. Whether you’re in the daily walk club, love Pilates, HIIT, lifting or yoga, Rosehip Relief is a deliciously potent extract designed to be taken directly after exercise to help ease temporary muscle soreness, aid recovery, and support a healthy inflammatory response. This formula can also be utilized to support knee, hip, and joint health and mobility as a result of the aging process — so you can feel like your most agile, limber self and get back to the things you love. The first of its kind in our apothecary, Rosehip Relief is extracted at a whopping 4:1 concentration, meaning just a single gram of this extract is equivalent to 4 grams of the whole herb to ensure you’re getting the most out of every drop. This is the strongest potency available in the herb world, also known as a “solid extract.”*

  • Helps reduce occasional tension and stiffness due to overexertion and exercise
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response within the musculoskeletal system
  • Aids healthy and comfortable hips, knees, and joints
  • Encourages optimal mobility
  • Supports cardiovascular health and circulation
  • Assists hormone health and emotional wellbeing, aiding mild cramps and PMS
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Customer Reviews

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Misty Shore
Not sure if Rosehip Relief worth the cost

The ingredients are great, the taste is good, I’m not sure if provided relief. Need to use for a longer period of time and consistently after every work out. So may not be product issue. The only reason I gave 4 stars is due to the cost. Is very expensive and if I use daily after each workout, won’t last long.

Healthillie Certified

As a holistic health coach and certified personal trainer, I am passionate about health and will always advocate for the cleanest ingredients. I truly believe my life's work is helping others live a low tox life and be able to truly experience complete wellness.I aim to find and help small and diversely owned businesses and make it easier for you to swap out even the most toxic of products.

✓ Clean Ingredients
✓ Nothing Artificial
✓ Nothing Toxic

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