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Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Self Tanning Foam

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Self Tanning Foam

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The Certified Organic Self Tanning Foam mixes the results of an incredible organic tan with the benefits of an ultra-hydrating full body moisturiser.

Holding a one-of-a-kind blend of only natural and organic ingredients – e.g. Bamboo Juice, Raw Cacao, Grape Skin Extract, Witch Hazel Extract and more – this mousse-like formula will provide a truly authentic glow that simultaneously hydrates your skin with every application.

Offering a beautiful, long-lasting colour that naturally fades, this formula is perfectly suited to all skin types and tones – and it holds four specific shades so that you can pick the perfect level of bronzed glow for your lifestyle.

With no nasty fake tan smells, you can apply this foam with ease and enjoy a wonderful chocolate/caramel scent every time.

  • Certified Organic + Certified Vegan + Aussie made
  • Holds a delicious chocolate/caramel scent
  • Available in four tan shades to suit all preferences
  • Eight-hour development time for optimal results
  • Non-transferrable, non-comedogenic & non-sticky
  • Up to 10 days of colour before a natural fade
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ana Alicia

I used the mitt that is by the same company. This foam product dries SO fast, you’ll need to be quick when applying it. It is sticky in certain areas when applying (any areas you’ll be bending such as wrists, neck, inner arms, etc.). No matter what technique I used to apply, it always left a streak on me.

I’m hoping this website will soon carry the oil form by the company so that I can try that. I’ve had success with another tanning oil product from this site, but I believe you have to be out in the sun for it, which I was. I got a beautiful tan from that itself!

I may have to try another mitt with this foam tan to see if there is any improvements.

My go to

No streaks, natural color. Dries well and leaves skin smooth.

No bad smell, perfect color!

I bought the medium and I was hesitant because I’ve only had a fake tan once and I didn’t like the smell. But this one I LOVE and will be buying again. No bad smell at all, and I recently moved to Seattle, the rainy places of all places and this is the perfect color that I wanted.

Melissa R

You can tell as soon as you put this on that the quality is unlike others. It feels so nice going on. Not really a scent at all. I loved how when I put it on I could tell where I already did. THE BEST PART - afterwards I did not feel sticky besides my armpits a little bit. This is huge!!!!! And the color was so nice. I tried dark and it wasn't too dark at all. This lasted a while as I go to the gym everyday and showered all of that. 11/10 must try I will definitely be buying again. Also - get the mitt its soft af and one of the best mitts I've used.

Morgan Olsen
Great shade

I got the light shade since I’m a redhead and have very pale skin. The color is gave me looks natural and it’s not orange at all. No streaking and no funky scent like other tanning foams I’ve used in the past.
Will definitely purchase this again!

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