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Native Nectar Clear + Glow Complexion Serum

Native Nectar Clear + Glow Complexion Serum

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Clear + Glow Complexion Serum is specially formulated to address acne breakouts and inflammatory skin conditions. This weightless oil formula is quick to absorb while nurturing and hydrating inflamed skin. Developed with healing botanical extracts, along with Salicylic Acid, to address acne prone skin concerns such as redness, dry skin, scars and active breakouts. Get visible results and radiant, clear skin with this plant powered serum!
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Customer Reviews

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Jordan Veers

I have been struggling with breakouts pretty bad for the last year and just have not found anything that works. THIS is the holy grail!!! It has been working to slowly shrink the breakouts that I have and significantly decreases the inflammation in my skin. I've been using it all over my skin after cleansing. It is extremely moisturizing and my skin loves it.

Toni Joyner

This has helped with my acne so much! It has made my pimples smaller and helped me control them a bit more!! 10/10 reccomend

Isabelle King
horrific cystic break out

i used this every other night for a week to gently add it to my routine, and by the end of the week i had multiple cystic pimples (6, more than i've ever had at once in my life) that took almost 2 weeks to heal and will leave scars. i threw it away immediately. the packaging is so cute i was so hopeful but this did NOT work for my mildly sensitive and acne prone skin.

Ruby O
Love this!

I absolutely love this product. I use it twice a day with my 100% Pure coffee bean eye cream and have been loving the way my skin looks. 10/10 will be buying again.

Madyson Whitmore
I wanted to not love it but wow

This is one of those things that I watched for a while and finally decided to try after I finished my old product which is clean and nice but wasn’t doing enough. I love this. Only been using a week and I would say very effective. Definitely pair with another hydrating product and you’re golden.

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